Maxim Seed

High-yielding Hybrids

No open tips or silk-jamming problems

Excellent Yield Potential

High Grain Quality

Strong, Disease Resistant Plant

Produces mostly single, very big ears

High-yielding, yellow hybrid. A strong contender for the short/med growth period. No open tips or silk-jamming...

The standard of the next generation white hybrids. Medium season grower. Excellent yield potential with high grain...

The hybrid for the farmer who favours a higher plant population. Produces mostly single, very big ears. An absolute must...

Sustainable Farming is the effecient production of safe, high quality agricultural products, in a way that protects and improves the natural environment, the social and economic conditions of farmers, their employees and local communities, and safegaurds the health and welfare of all farmed species.

Farming practices must therefore not only protect the long-term yield productivity of the land, but also ensure profitable yields and the well being of farmers and farm workers alike.